Why Guys Should Workout To Get Lean & Toned And Not Big

A lot of guys used to want to look like a bodybuilder with the huge muscles, but is that really the best look for you in this day and age? There are many reasons that you may want to be working out to get lean VS big. Following are five of the most popular reasons.

You Get More Time

Your body has a much easier time getting lean than it does getting big. To get really, really big, you would have to put in a lot of intense work into your diet and workout routine, and possibly even resort to drugs.

What most guys don’t understand is a body that big is just not natural for the majority of us. If it was, most guys working out would naturally have the body as they started to experience more and more results.

So, unless you have some amazing genetics or superpowers, you are going to have to devote your life to getting big, whereas you can devote part of your life to getting lean and leave a lot of room open for other things.

Women Like Lean NOT Big

This is probably the biggest reason men would rather be lean than big. There are some women who want the huge muscles, but most women prefer a man who has a lean and muscular build. Don’t get me wrong, women seem to prefer a muscular body over a flabby one, but looking fit is what attracts them, not looking like a bodybuilder.

In short, a lean body is more attractive, more touchable, and more real to women. So, if your goal is to pick up a lot of women, then getting lean is a better option than getting big.

“Indeed, many women are intimidated by the hyper-muscular, big, bad, buffed look.” – The Richest

Muscle Is Muscle

Some guys think a lean body is not as good as a big body, but the truth is that muscle is muscle. There is no such thing as bulky muscle or lean muscle. They have the same amount of power inside of them. It is all just muscle under there, and since a lean looking body is more attractive to other people, why not stick with building lean vs big?

Less Awkward

Sitting in the middle plane seat… or any seat for that matter, is much more comfortable when your muscles are not taking up half of the seat. There is a big difference in the amount of mass when you look at a lean body vs a big body, and that mass can make things uncomfortable in everyday activities.

More Practical

Whether you are running on the beach, playing with your kids, trying to get on a carnival ride, or fooling around with a woman, it is easier to do it in a lean body than a big, bulky body. In other words, you are able to take on anything that comes your way without worrying about your body getting in the way or causing a problem.

Stephanie M

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