French Paleo Burn Review – Program By Carissa Alinat Worth Buying?

If you are over 35, have become tired of dieting, and just want to start living, this review of The French Paleo Burn Program is something you will want to read. Dieting is hard on the body and the mind, and it very rarely works, especially as we age. In our late teens and early twenties, only a little bit of effort seems to be required to lose a few pounds, but as we age, our body starts to resist weight loss, which results in a painful struggle that usually only ends when we give up. That’s why when Carissa Alinat created a program that she claims is the only solution to sustainable weight loss available, I really wanted to do a real review to find out whether or not her weight loss solution is as valuable as she promises.

The following is what I found.

What Is The French Paleo Burn Program All About?

It is a weight loss solution based on the French diet. It is a 2-phase program focusing on fat-burn and then maintenance.

Inside you will find three things:

1. Weight Loss Program

This is the main system that will help you burn off fat and get toned. You will learn all you need to know about how the American and French diet differ and what Americans are doing wrong to keep on the fat instead of take it off.

You will also learn facts about weight loss and how to do it quickly and how you can eat more and burn more. You will also learn how to shop smarter for fat-burning foods. You will learn why gym memberships don’t usually help you with your weight loss and a strategy that will. And, you will learn how to boost your energy and gain confidence. Then you will learn about the two phases you are going to go through.

  1. Phase 1: Follow a done-for-you program that will help you lose weight and get you where you want to be.
  2. Phase 2: Start maintaining your weight loss using an exact blueprint so you never have to bounce around in numbers again.

2. Over 50 Paleo-Inspired Fat-Burning Recipes

Get a cookbook that is full of step-by-step fat-burning recipes. These recipes are meant for anyone with any budget. These recipes use real food that are gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, grain-free, and Paleo inspired.

3. 14-Day Meal Plan

This aspect of the program will help you get your shopping in order so that you know exactly what to buy for phase 1.

As of this French Paleo Burn review, there are also 3 bonuses included.

  1. Bonus 1: The truth about weight loss: This is an eBook designed to help you finally understand exactly how to lose weight and get toned up.
  2. Bonus 2: Secrets of skinny French women: This is an eBook that will give you 20 secrets from French women on how to stay skinny and still eat great food.
  3. Bonus 3: An 8-week primal movement plan: These are 19 videos that feature the easy movements you need to do to accelerate your weight loss. These exercises can be done anywhere without any equipment.

Does The Program Actually Work?

Have you ever wondered how people in France can eat so much and not gain weight? Carissa Alinat went to France with her husband and wondered the same thing as she realized that eating was of central importance to people in France, yet they didn’t count calories, cut carbs, restrict foods, exercise excessively, eat low fat, or diet. In fact, they didn’t even worry about their weight.

In The French Paleo Burn, you will learn the difference between the French and American diet and learn about fat-burning foods that boost your metabolism, give you energy, and help you lose weight. Then, you will swap out the fat storing foods for the fat-burning foods and start to lose weight and feel better without calorie counting or restriction.

According to the author, you will find this weight loss solution easy to stick to, unlike a diet, so you will keep the weight off as you adopt this new way of eating.

And you won’t need to adopt a new workout schedule that is painful and hard to stick to. Instead, you will learn some easy movements that help fire up your metabolism and firm up.

Note: Just make sure to check the actual website (click to open in new window) for current pricing and availability.

Who is Carissa Alinat

Carissa Alinat is a nurse who is also finishing her PhD. She is a mother to five children and is married to a French chef. You can find her on most social media platforms.

Carissa says her goal is to help people improve their health and feel great about their body. As a woman who gained 50 pounds during each of her first two pregnancies, she struggled to lose her stomach and feel good about herself, which caused her to try insane diets that caused her to gain 20 pounds instead. Then, after a trip to France, she started reviewing medical articles on health and weight loss, and she found a method inspired by the French lifestyle that worked to bring her down to her ideal weight and stay there.

The Positive Reviews

  • Everyone over 35 can benefit from this weight loss solution.
  • Reviewers notice an immediate difference.
  • Will work for anyone who has tried everything else and failed.
  • The recipes are created by a French chef, but they are easy to make.
  • Learn how to prepare food in a way that promotes weight loss.
  • Includes a ‘cheat day’ each week.
  • You can eat as much as required to help you feel satisfied, which means you will never starve yourself.
  • You don’t need to count calories.
  • You don’t need to work out intensely.
  • Learn how to increase your metabolism once and for all.
  • Stop dieting and start eating a healthy diet.

The Negative Reviews

  • This program does require you to change your diet, which some reviewers said took some time to adjust to.
  • In phase 1, you will need to eat foods free from gluten, dairy, refined sugar, and grain to achieve weight loss.

Where To Buy French Paleo Burn?

You can only buy this program from the official website. It’s not available anywhere else as of this review. There you can learn more about the program and the author.

It’s important to note that as of this review, there was a special introductory price that was very affordable, and after so many copies were sold, they were going to raise the price. So, if you are thinking about buying the program, I recommend going there now and checking it out – click here to check price on the official website.

Can You Get Your Money Back?

Yes, you can get a full refund. The French Paleo Burn Program comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with the weight loss program, you can get your money back. Considering phase 1 is about rapid weight loss, that should be a lot of time to try out the program and decide if it works for you or not.

Is French Paleo Burn Worth Buying?

This program was created by a woman who has her face all over social media, as well as her website. In other words, she’s actively out there trying to make a difference. Since she is trying to build up her reputation, it would be safe to say that she wouldn’t put out a program with such strong claims as the French Paleo Burn has if she wasn’t sure it could live up to them.

The people who gave reviews for the French Paleo Burn all agreed that it was a great program for permanent weight loss. One of the most common mentions was about mindful eating, which must be a big part of the program. Mindful eating is something that can help you avoid overeating and increase satiety, so that gives me even more positive expectation about this programs ability to help you lose weight.

Click here to visit the official website for more info about the program and purchasing options.

In the end, there is no denying that the French are doing something right even though they are eating a diet full of delicious food. If you want to learn how they do it, then this program is worth buying and trying. It could end your dieting once and for all.

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