How to Lose Weight After 40 And Menopause

It is well known that every woman will eventually go through menopause. Menopause indicates the end of a phase of life in a woman and introduces them to the next phase. It is an entirely usual part of the course of aging and is the end of menstruation.

After this, a woman cannot get pregnant, which is a relief for some but is very depressing for others. It’s also common to present a lower level of estrogen and progesterone.

While the typical age for menopause is fifty-two, there are different factors that can cause it happen anywhere between the ages of forty-two and fifty-six. A woman can confidently say that she has begun her journey of menopause if she has gone an entire year without a menstrual cycle.

What to Focus on for Weight Loss

While there are advantages of this changing phase in life, there is the issue of gaining weight which many women experience. To keep out the weight gain situation, there are certain things that any woman should know. Of course, a good diet and exercise program is key. For a plan targeted specifically for women who have “menopause belly” make sure to read this review of My Bikini Belly by Shawna Kaminski.

The hormonal changes in their bodies are the most common reason for this weight gain. How much weight may vary from person to person. However, over and beyond the typical hormonal changes, lifestyle also is a factors like diet, exercise, yoga, and so on all come into play.

Adapting to Changes in Your Body

Women who could eat whatever they liked last year may find it takes a greater toll on their body once menopause begins. Adopting healthy eating habits and maintaining them over the long term are the preferred approaches to avoid gaining weight during menopause.

You can, of course, do a lot to get back in shape by dropping the extra pounds if there is still some weight gain. While it is easy to say that the weight gain should be prevented, it is not always that easy. If you have gained twenty pounds or more, it’s very important for you to seriously do something about it.

Those who gain excessive weight have a much higher health risks including developing diabetes, breast cancer, lower back problems and knees, joint, lung and heart problems. Since this are all serious issues, it is extremely important to make sure that you are doing everything possible to get the weight off and keep it off. And if you’ve noticed signifigant weight gain in your abdomen area, you may want to look into following a program like Shawn Hadsall’s Over 40 Ab Solution.

Start by keeping track of your calorie intake. Calories are not just calories as it is important to pay attention to exactly where you are getting them. Carrots will give you better health than a bunch of red meat. Along with watching closely to what you eat, make sure that you are getting enough exercise in. Aerobic exercise and stretching is a great way to get started.

After you get into the swing of things, you can add in some weight training to help burn fat and build some muscle mass. Whether it is running, walking, or yoga, as long as you are in motion, you are heading in the right direction. It is also important to make sure that you are continuing with your healthy eating and exercise habits even after you drop the weight so that you can continue a healthy lifestyle that will keep the weight off for good.

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