How To Make Healthy Smoothies Kids Will Actually Drink

Some of the healthiest smoothies are full of green ingredients that taste exactly like they look. Many kids cannot force themselves to drink a smoothie like this, even if it will benefit their health. Therefore, it is important to find healthy smoothies that kids will drink, and even love drinking, for the best combination of health and happiness. The good news is that there are a few ways to get the attention of the kids in your home.

Take Away The Green

Most kids see a green food or drink and turn up their noses at it. Green represents yucky in most kid’s minds, and even if it tastes great, you may not be able to convince a kid to try it if the color tells them otherwise. Therefore, it is important to use other colors that promote interest in the smoothie.

“The scientists found youngsters were much more likely to clear their plate when there was more color and choice than adults would typically choose.” – Mail Online

Try putting the smoothie in a colored cup can help take away the strong appearance of the green. Or, add blueberries and strawberries to the smoothie to help kids distinguish between the delicious smoothie and the brussel sprouts that sit on their plate in the evening.

If you can’t get rid of the green, and your kids simply won’t try a green smoothie, adding beets to the smoothie is a great way to add a ton of yummy reddish color without changing the taste of the smoothie too much.

Make It Creamy

Just as color is important to a kid’s decision as to whether or not to drink a smoothie, texture can be important as well. The thicker the smoothie, the more it becomes a treat – like a milkshake, rather than a healthy smoothie. Texture is very easy to play around with.

For instance, adding a tablespoon of almond or peanut butter can help thicken up the smoothie. Avocado is another ingredient that will instantly make any smoothie creamier without affecting the taste.

Make It Sweeter

In a kid’s mind, sweet equals delicious. When you can make them a smoothie that is healthy, but tastes like dessert, you are going to be able to easily convince them to drink every last drop.

Fortunately, sweetening the smoothie up does not require a lot of unhealthy sugar. Simply add one or two medjool dates into the smoothie and you instantly create a treat that any kid or adult will be glad to consume.

Try soaking the date for a few minutes before blending if your blender is not a Vitamix or other blender that creates consistently smooth results. It will improve the consistency of the taste even more.

Get Creative

There are so many things you can do to spice up your smoothies and make them taste more like an exotic treat than a healthy drink. For instance, adding cocoa to your smoothie always makes it feel like a nighttime snack rather than a morning energy booster.

Chopped nuts, vanilla, nutmeg, and cinnamon can all work to combine a look, texture, and taste that kids will love. Experiment with ingredients that your kids never say no to and you will find the perfect smoothie recipes that they can’t resist, no matter how much healthy stuff you try to shove in there.

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