Goddess Toning Program Review – Is The Kinobody Workout Worth Buying?

If you are a woman who wants to lose weight and tone up in the most enjoyable way possible, then Greg O’Gallagher says he has a program for you. While he has created several fitness programs for men, the Goddess Toning Program is the first program geared towards women by him. Focused on some standard principles when it comes to losing weight and gaining muscle, but with the slight difference that Greg O’Gallagher brings to his fitness and diet products, this seems like a program that is worth a look. But, is the Goddess Toning Program really something that can give you the body you want?

What Is The Goddess Toning Program?

Goddess Toning Program

According to one woman who tried the Goddess Toning Program, it answered all her questions on fitness and nutrition and how to make them work for her. In fact, with the guidance that Greg O’Gallagher gives in this program, she was able to get some pretty incredible results for someone who was already pretty small and toned to begin with. Her body obviously lost some fat and toned up.

Inside, you get a guide to help you tone up in PDF format. And, you get workout demonstrations that help teach you exactly how to do the exercises for maximum results. There are 2 hours and 45 minutes’ worth of video in the membership area right now. You also get an exercise routine which includes cardio, abs training, and strength training.

You also get a meal guide to help you understand how and what to eat. This is something that you will probably find quite unique to the Goddess Toning Program because it is well known that Greg O’Gallagher has a different opinion than many on how to eat a diet that helps you lose fat easily and build a toned body.

You also get access to a mindset and motivational workbook. All of the best fitness programs should have this included as mindset and motivation are two key complements in making the fitness and nutrition aspects work for you.

And, you get access to a private member’s forum where you can ask questions, discuss issues, and help other people succeed on the program. Click here for details about ordering and pricing (opens new window).

How Does It Work?

This program is made for women and, according to Greg O’Gallagher, it focuses on getting women the body that they are really after while giving them the specific message that they really need to hear. He’s developed the program with women’s needs in mind, such as sculpting the body without gaining a lot of muscle and teaching them how to feel alright in the body they are in now.

The information in this program will be unique. Greg O’Gallagher has said that so many people out there have the whole fitness thing wrong. He says that he knows how to help people get the results they want with their body, so you just have to follow his advice in order to have the kind of success he’s helped thousands of other people have.

One thing I know about Greg O’Gallagher is that he focuses a lot on intermittent fasting. In fact, he says that he wants to teach women how to embrace intermittent fasting because it benefits them in many different ways, including speeding up fat-burn and decreasing hunger. Therefore, one of the parts of the Goddess Toning Program will be focused on how intermittent fasting can benefit you and how to implement it into your life. According to one reviewer, you eat 2 large meals and one snack each day.

About Greg O’Gallagher

Greg O'GallagherGreg O’Gallagher is the founder of Kinobody, and he is known for his fitness programs designed for men. For the Goddess Toning Program, he took the information he knew and combined it with Dell Farell’s knowledge to create something completely for women. Both Greg and Dell are down to earth people with a ton of knowledge about fitness and nutrition.

Listening to Greg O’Gallagher talk, it’s clear that good health is something he wants for himself and for you. In fact, in one video on YouTube, he says “I believe in taking care of myself, and maintaining a lean and powerful body, and striving each day for self-improvement.” This mentality, combined with the knowledge he has acquired to keep his body strong and healthy, gives him the ability to give some powerful advice that helps other people find the success they want with their body.

Click here for more info about Greg and this program.


  • You can eat the things you love to eat on this diet by structuring the diet in the right way.
  • You will get access to video teaching you how to do exercises properly for maximum results.
  • This is not a fad diet that cuts out certain macronutrients.
  • His programs are known for only working out a few times a week as he says it promotes maximum results.
  • Greg O’Gallagher has many successful fitness and nutrition products on the market.
  • You can find him on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube because he is so active in helping people get the body they want.
  • This isn’t a diet; this is a course that helps you change your life.
  • It focuses on mindset and motivation, which could make a huge difference in your ability to have success.
  • You get lifetime access to the program.
  • You get access to a community of like-minded people.

Negative Reviews

  • His philosophy on intermittent fasting (he is known not to eat for 8 hours after he wakes up) may be hard for some people to adopt into their life.
  • You will have to work out on this program to get the toned results he promises… But come on – it’s obiously not a “magic” pill solution.

Where To Buy Kinobody Programs

This program is available on the Kinobody site, just like all of Greg’s other programs. There you get access to all the information instantly as well as the guarantee. There is a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not happy with the program. All you have to do is contact them by email within the first 60 days to get your refund.

Kinobody Website

Does It Work?

Greg has created a version of this course for men, and it has worked for countless of them. I’ve seen the positive reviews myself on pages where there is a Kinobody community, such as the Facebook page which as of this Goddess Toning Program review has over 62,000 likes.

One of the things I’ve seen him say often is that even though you need to create a calorie deficit to lose weight, you need to enjoy the food you are eating in order for you to be able to stick with it long enough to get the results you want and maintain them. That’s the key to effective weight loss that lasts, and he knows it.

And he also said that this program was made with women’s needs in mind. Most women want to slim down the fat and add some sexy muscle without the bulky look, and he’s taken that into consideration in the Goddess Toning Program.

In short, the chances of this not working for you, if you follow the guidelines in the program, are very slim. It should be something that helps you get the results you want.

Click here to visit the official website to purchase or to learn more.

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