How Twitter Can Teach You About Diabetes and Weight Loss

If you are a diabetic and you want to lose weight or learn more about diabetic nutrition, then there are many different places you can turn for advice, tips, and tricks. However, one place has a steady stream of the latest articles, news, and insights into diabetes and weight loss, and that place is called Twitter.

Why Use Twitter?

Twitter is a huge social network that allows you to follow topics of interest easily through keywords and hashtags. According to, the number of Twitter users is growing every month, with the last number coming in at around 271 million active users. Almost every business, including businesses dedicated to diabetes, is using Twitter to send out their current messages and information.

But even if the biggest name in diabetes was not using Twitter, any of their information will likely be tweeted by one of the millions of users on Twitter. Therefore, any new information that comes out regarding diabetes and weight loss will hit the ‘Twittersphere’ sooner or later.

Keep Track Of New Information

You can always create a Twitter account and search for diabetes and weight loss directly from the search field. You will find that tweets appear with various hashtags regarding your search, and you can use these hashtags to lead you to more information about your search.

“The # symbol, called a hashtag, is used to mark keywords or topics in a tweet…If you click on a hashtag, it will show you all the other tweets associated with (that) hashtag.” – Michael Hyatt

However, creating an account on a free service, such as Hootsuite, will allow you to keep track of the latest tweets regarding three separate keywords surrounding weight loss for diabetics, without having to do a lot of manual work. (Note: You have to have a twitter account to do this.)

For instance, you can also add a stream on Hootsuite based around the keywords ‘diabetic diet’, ‘diabetes and weight loss’, and ‘diabetes’. Those three keywords will bring you a ton of information that will help you learn more about diabetes and losing weight with the disease.

How To Use Hootsuite To Follow Big Diabetic Tweeters

To take it even further, you can create a stream that follows some of the biggest diabetic tweeters around. These are the people who are constantly updating with news and information solely regarding diabetes.

For instance, you can follow the American Diabetes Association or Diabetic Connect, and get instant access to any new information they tweet around diabetes and nutrition.

To do this, simply click on ‘add stream’, then click on ‘lists’, and then create a new list called something like losing weight with diabetes. Then, when satisfied, click on ‘add stream’. When the stream is in your Hootsuite profile, simply click on the arrow pointing down and then preferences. Add any diabetic-tweeting users that you want to add, with their username, and now you have a list to follow all of their tweets in one place.

Everything You Need And Want To Know

Once you get your Twitter and Hootsuite account set up, you are set to learn everything you need or want to learn. Every day you can take some time to read the most interesting tweets and follow them to the sources that will help you learn more. It is the most convenient way to keep up with diabetic information regarding weight loss.

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