Weight Loss Benefits Of Garcinia Mangostana

Garcinia Mangostana is a tropical fruit that is known for its antioxidants. Even though it has ‘mango’ in the name, it is not related to the mango. The whole fruit, including the rind and pulp, can be eaten. The rind can be dried and made into a powder, and even its bark has substances that are extracted for use. You can find products made with Garcinia Mangostana in your local health food store or online in tablet or capsule form.

Weight Loss Benefits

You will find that a lot of people promote Garcinia Mangostana for weight loss, but there are not a lot of answers as to why this fruit works to tackle weight issues.

One theory is that the hydroxycitric acid found in the fruit may play a role. Studies have found that participants who take hydroxycitric acid experience more weight loss compared to participants who take the placebo.

Another theory is that the inhibitory effect of xanthones in fatty acid synthase (FASN) plays a part. Some research has shown that when the enzyme FAS is blocked, animals lose weight.

Garcinia Mangostana has been used in metabolism boosting supplements for its anti-inflammatory qualities for years, and this is the most plausible theory on why it benefits weight loss. If your body is undergoing stress and inflammation, then it may not be processing the calories and nutrients you eat properly.

Even if you eat healthy food, your body’s systems may not be able to use the nutrients properly, and that can affect your metabolism and how well your body burns off fat.

“Excessive or persistent inflammation leads to tissue destruction, disease and weight gain.” – Chatelaine

Many people are living with inflammation in the body right now and are not aware of it. This is because many symptoms of inflammation go unnoticed or are not severe enough to warrant investigation. There are a few different causes of inflammation.

Physical or emotional injury can cause obvious issues of inflammation such as twisted ankles or topical wounds, but also other issues of inflammation that are not so obvious, such as ulcers. Depending on health and age, the body can have a hard time recuperating from these injuries and inflammation can set in for the run.

Infection is another cause of inflammation. Infection can be topical or internal, and while topical infections can be obvious, internal infections can go unnoticed until they have become very serious or widespread. Even an imbalance of good and bad bacteria in the body can cause issues of inflammation, which is why probiotics has become such a popular product.

Allergies is another cause of inflammation. Allergies can occur due to irritants such as smoke, heavy metals, pesticides, or free radicals. But, food allergies is another common cause of inflammation that is becoming more common. When the body does not process food properly during digestion, inflammation can occur.

Inflammation can also occur from hormonal or nutritional imbalance. Nutritional issues stem from a poor diet or a diet that lacks certain nutrients. Healthy cell metabolism and proper tissue repair can be deprived of the nutrients it needs. Hormone imbalances often go unnoticed for long periods of time.

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