90 Day Bikini Challenge Review – Is Rudy Mawer’s Transformation Program Worth Buying?

Menstrual cycle manipulation to help you get rapid results with your body? That’s just one of the unique claims that Rudy Mawer makes in his fitness program that is supposed to help you get your dream beach body. This review of 90 Day Bikini Challenge Transformation will take a look at what he’s offering and how it’s supposed to work, and whether or not it’s something different that can produce the quick and lasting results that you are looking for.

What Is The 90 Day Bikini Challenge?

This is a done-for-you fitness and diet program to help you lose fat and tone up.

Inside you will find:

  • A 40 page manual with educational material to help you understand the science of the program. Including, key principles on how to attack body fat. This information will empower you to make better decisions in the future for achieving and maintaining the body you want.
  • Workouts for all the different phases of the program, including weeks 1-4, weeks 5-8, and weeks 9-12.
  • Weekly meal plans to help you get rid of fat and tone up. Plus a grocery list for 90 days full of protein, fat and carbohydrate options to help you create the perfect diet for you.
  • Metabolic home workouts that use minimal equipment but provide maximum results. Including specific workouts for your legs, butt, and stomach.
  • Optimization for menopause and menstrual cycle hormonal issues.
  • Supplement guides.
  • Check-ins and email support.
  • A community with over 20,000 members.
  • All the education you need to succeed now and in the future with your physique goals.

One of the unique things about this program is that it doesn’t just include a meal plan, it includes strategic ways of eating to protect your hormones. Most women know that there are foods they should avoid to avoid bloating and low energy during specific times of their menstrual cycle, but not many women know how food actually interacts with hormones during the menstrual cycle or menopause. (click here for details)

How Does The Transformation Challenge Work?

First of all, it requires 90 days of your commitment (obviously, right?). You need to follow the plan in order to get the results that Rudy guarantees you can get in the 90 Day Bikini Challenge, which is probably why he added the word ‘challenge’ into the program. Following a plan for 90 days is certainly a challenge.

You will be doing carb cycling to boost your metabolism. Carb cycling is known to keep your metabolism running smoothly and keep the body in a fat burning state, even when carbs are not a part of the day’s diet. Knowing exactly what to eat and how to eat is important to making carb cycling work for you. Done right, it can protect your thyroid and metabolism that could be damaged on the wrong diet.

As far as working out goes, week 1-4 is about training your body to burn more fat, which results in quicker fat loss. You will tone up the stubborn areas on your body and you will know exactly how many reps you need to do as well as how fast to do the exercises and how long to rest. Week 5-8 is also about burning more fat. These few weeks will be challenging and you will be sore, but you will also get the results you are looking for. And, the last month of the program, weeks 9-12, you will need to take your training to a new level. Your body will start to adapt to the training, so you will need more advanced training for consistent growth. This will require your commitment, however, because you have 8 weeks under your belt of effort and result, it shouldn’t be too hard to step up your game.

Who Is Rudy Mawer?

With a Masters and Bachelors in Exercise & Nutrition Science, and over a decade of experience in physique transformation, Rudy has helped all kinds of people, including Pro Bikini Athletes, reach their dream physique. Many personal trainers and fitness competitors speak highly of Rudy and his ability to help you change your body. For instance, Jason Poston has said that Rudy uses techniques that are way ahead of the industry and can help people transform their bodies in just a few weeks. Click here to learn more about Rudy and his program from his official website.

The Positive Reviews

  • Done-for-you program to help you get the body you want and optimize your hormones in the process.
  • The program is designed for rapid fat loss and strength gain.
  • Weeks 1-4 are about rapid fat loss and teaching your body to burn more fat as fuel.
  • The program targets belly and leg fat.
  • Meal plans done-for-you with recipes that he says you will love.
  • If you are vegetarian, you can tailor your diet to get you the results you want.
  • Optimization for menopause and menstrual cycle hormonal issues.
  • Shopping lists included.
  • Learn how supplements support your hormones, fat loss, and more.
  • HIIT workouts to boost your metabolism.
  • Strategic ways of eating to protect your hormones.
  • Includes research and references to back up the methods for burning more fat and adding muscle.
  • Tens of thousands of women have tried out this program and seen results.
  • All digital – no physical products, which means you can start as soon as you order the program.

The Negative Reviews

  • Because this program focuses on Calorie Shifting, your diet is likely going to completely change. You have to be willing to follow the plan and adopt a new way of eating.
  • It sounds like the workouts are going to get progressively harder, so you will need to stay committed to increasing your efforts week by week.
  • Not every workout is recorded in video format yet as of this review, but they should be ready within a few weeks.

Where To Buy (With a Guarantee)

As of this 90 Day Bikini Challenge review, you can only find the program on Rudy’s site. The price of this review was incredibly low for what you get, but it was an introductory price… I highly recommend taking advantage of it if it’s still there because the price will most definitely go up.

There is a money back guarantee in place. If you don’t like the program or get the results promised, you can get all of your money back as long as you ask for a refund within 60 days.

NOTE: To get the lowest price (and to be eligible for the money-back guarantee) you need to make sure to purchase the program from the official website (opens in new window).

Does The 90 Day Bikini Challenge Actually Work?

The program was created be a well-known expert and thousands of people have said it worked for them; however, it’s not going to work for everyone. Some people will not commit to the 90-day challenge, and they won’t see the results that they are hyped up to see. If you know that you can’t or won’t stick to the plan laid out for you, then you know that you will not get the results promised.

Note: if you have further questions and haven’t checked out the FAQ’s on Rudy’s website, I suggest you do so. Here is a screen shot of the questions/answers last time I looked…

Rudy says that it doesn’t matter how much fat you have to lose, this program will help you lose fat and tone up. It’s not about weight loss, it’s about losing fat and increasing muscle, so don’t get on the scale and determine how well you are doing by what the number says. Instead, look at your body in the mirror and gauge how well the program is doing for you by what you see.

So will this program work for you? Because there are several diet plans included that can be tailored to your carb, fat, and calorie needs, plus a clear plan of workouts that you need to focus on, and an emphasis on hormones, I would say that no matter who you are and what your schedule is like, you will be able to find success on this fat loss plan. And if you don’t, there is a money back guarantee available to you.

Click here to visit Rudy’s “official” website



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