Over 40 Ab Solution Review – Is The Workout Program by Shaun Hadsall Any Good?

We all want to shrink and incinerate fat cells, but once we reach a certain age, it becomes so hard that many people don’t succeed. We used to think that was just the way it was, but then we saw the Over 40 Ab Solution, which promises that it has the answer to rebooting the metabolism, increasing fat burn, building muscle, and erasing the side effects of getting older. Will a 12-minute a day movement really help do all that? This Over 40 Ab Solution review will talk about what the program is about and whether it seems credible or not enough to try out.

What is Over 40 Ab Solution?

First, The Over 40 Ab Solution is not some scam. When you purchase you get the training manual as well as a handful of bonuses. In this manual, you will learn the movements required to make this program work for you. It includes charts so you can easily learn what to do for the 12-minute exercises, and it gives you options to choose from for your daily exercise.

Over 40 Ab Solution

Second, you get a success tracker that is supposed to help you stay on track. As we all already know, keeping track of what has been done and the success from it can help motivate us and keep us doing the right things, and that is exactly what this part of the program is about. It also includes food recommendations and diet tricks for each day of the week to have even more success.

Bonus 1: A fast start guide. This will help you get started quickly, and includes an exercise chart that will allow you to easily figure out what you need to do and start feeling the effects immediately.

Bonus 2: Learn about a 7-minute blueprint to help you draw out trapped fat cells from the problem areas on your body. This information is meant to help you stop struggling with those trouble spots and finally get the results you want.

Bonus 3: Diet tricks for people over 40. This includes information about cheat days, what health food actually boosts your fat storage, a guide to help you burn fat faster, and more information that will help you keep your body in fat burning mode.

Bonus 4: Information about water and why it is so important for helping you to look younger and burning off the belly fat.

Note: You’ll want to check the official website (click here to visit) to verify that the bonuses are still being offered.

How This Works

The Over 40 Ab Solution claims to tackle those hormones that have become sluggish or started to work improperly and help you get them working optimally again. As we age, a hormonal shift takes place and that wreaks havoc on our bodies, both inside and out. Even our mental health is affected when these hormones are out of whack.

This program increases your fat burning hormones and helps you to get control over your hormones. You will even flood your body with anti-aging hormones that help you feel and look younger. And, it is achieved by using movements that Shaun Hadsall claims even the biggest fitness gurus don’t know about.

If simple movements sound like they can’t get you the results you want, it’s important to note that Shaun Hadsall says that regular exercise is actually what is shutting off your ability to burn fat and is causing you to gain so much weight. In fact, the exercise that worked when you were younger is now increasing your belly fat hormone and your cravings and hunger. It’s also making you older and increasing the age of your body faster than it should be aging.

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Shaun Hadsall

Author Shaun HadsallShaun Hadsall is the creator and developer of the Get Lean in 12 Over 40 Abs solution program. He’s been into fitness since he was out of high school and has learned first-hand what overtraining can do the body negatively, as well as how to eat and workout to get down to a low body fat percentage. It’s hard to believe he’s a grandfather when you look at him, which demonstrates that he clearly knows what he’s talking about when it comes to fitness and nutrition. He is a best-selling author who has helped over a hundred thousand people over 40 fight fat. You can find him on Facebook and in many different interviews on YouTube.

The Good Reviews

  • Just 12 minutes a day for a flatter belly and all the other benefits.
  • It doesn’t matter if you are in your 40s, 50s, 60s, or 70s, this program claims it will work for you.
  • Quick results that are supposed to last.
  • No gym membership or fancy equipment needed.
  • You can still eat carbs and treats, and learn how you will never store them as fat.
  • Release 400% more anti-aging growth hormone for a more youthful appearance.
  • Have more energy in the morning and throughout your day.
  • Learn how to combine nutrition with this fitness program to get better results.
  • You can get all the information within minutes from buying the program.

The Bad Reviews

  • This program requires you do something different than you are used to. Many people do not do change well, so it could be hard if you are one of them.
  • We can’t foresee any program that allows you to eat whatever you want and still claim you will lose weight, no matter how great the fitness aspect is. This is important to keep in mind and prepare for so that you stay motivated to do what needs to be done when you find out what exactly you need to do for the fat loss results promised.

Where To Buy

The Over 40 Ab Solution is not sold anywhere but on the actual website – this opens in new window. There, you can get the program instantly as a digital product or get it delivered to your door as a physical product. Or, you can get both digital and physical. All the bonuses are available instantly. And, once you buy, you are set up with the money back guarantee.

You have 90 days from purchase to try out the Over 40 Ab Solution and see if it works. If it doesn’t, you can get your money back. Considering that this fitness program is supposed to start working right away on some level, 90 days is plenty to take advantage of the guarantee that everyone over 40 can use this program and experience results that last.

Does Over 40 Ab Solution Work?

The fact that this is a reputable person creating the program, and that he says the world’s most renowned fitness experts have no clue about this exercise breakthrough, makes it something that we think could absolutely work. His reputation is on the line, and if the program is different from all those other programs that don’t seem to work as we start to age, then there is a chance that it can give us a different (and better) result. Definitely worth buying and giving a real shot.

Click here to purchase the program or to simply learn more on the “official” website.


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